Siteground Hosting Overview

Siteground was introduced in 2004 by a group of Bulgarian students and has been a huge success ever since. Siteground has remained independent throughout its business, without depending on any international organizations. And it’s paid off! Currently, Siteground is the home to over half a million domains, and offers many different services to suit every client’s needs and wishes. Siteground has servers spanning three continents and is continually planning for the future. They are certainly dedicated to customer service and their reviews shine with praise.

Siteground’s Services

Siteground’s services include shared web hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, and domain names. Siteground offers many options with their services, and they also build custom servers for corporate businesses. There is a plethora of free services available for every plan.

Siteground’s knowledge base is kept completely up-to-date with custom written articles. It is very extensive, spanning 70 categories which carry over 1,000 articles. Text isn’t all Siteground offers – they also include a healthy selection of video tutorials. Any website administrator can find plenty to learn from Siteground’s knowledge base.

Siteground also offers one of the best website builders available: Weebly. This comes preinstalled with all their plans and has tons of functionality while remaining easy to use. You can download templates from 3rd party designers or use one of the built in stock templates.

Another free offering of Siteground is website transfer. This makes it easy to switch web hosting providers without losing your website. The website transfer service is quick and easy to use for anyone.

Siteground obviously cares about its customers having the safest and easiest means by which to transfer and build their websites. Siteground cares about newcomers and small businesses, and their plans reflect this through their inclusion of free transfer, knowledge base, and website building tools at every level.

Siteground’s Shared Hosting Options

Siteground has three levels of shared hosting options available, each custom tailored to fit a specific level of need. The StartUp plan is intended for single websites, and comes with an SSL certificate. The GrowBig plan is their medium sized plan which is intended for multiple websites or one website with increased traffic (up to 25k visits monthly). It comes with extra protection, priority customer support, and more frequent backups. The GoGeek plan is the largest available shared hosting plan, and is designed for multiple websites or one website with up to 100k monthly visits. This plan offers more e-commerce capabilities and more power than the other plans.

You can view more detailed information about these plans below:

Siteground is very upfront and honest about their prices. Instead of simply telling you the monthly fee based on three years of service like most web hosting providers do, Siteground tells you exactly how much it will cost for each pricing tier, including setup fees. Also, 12, 24, and 36 month plans all have the same price per month.  

Siteground’s Features

It should be noted first of all that Siteground’s plans don’t offer very much disk space when compared to competitors. The GoGeek plan only offers 30GB of disk space, which is pretty insignificant when you consider the StartUp plan offers 10GB of disk space. Siteground could benefit by offering more disk space on the GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

All plans include a free SSL certificate. The StartUp plan offers this via Let’s Encrypt, which is free by itself but only supported by a handful of web hosting providers – Siteground, of course, being one of them. The other plans offer a more sophisticated Wildcard SSL certificate. The GoGeek plan also includes the PCI DSS (Payment Compliance Industry Data Security Standard), which allows for smooth transmitting and processing of customer credit card information. This is vital for businesses looking to sell products or services online.

Every plan also includes integration with CloudFlare’s content delivery network to help protect your website from DDoS attacks. While CloudFlare’s basic protection is free for everyone, it can be a little complicated to set up. It’s good to see that Siteground has included this functionality out of the box for novice customers.

All of Siteground’s services are ran from servers using RAID arrayed SSD drives. This helps ensure the fastest speeds. It also ensures no data will be lost if a hard drive partition somehow becomes compromised. This also may be why Siteground’s plans offer so little disk space.

If you happen to select a far away country when selecting what server location you’d like to choose, Siteground will automatically offer (not force) to set the location to something closer to you. Siteground has server locations in key areas around the world: one in Asia, three in Europe, and one in the USA.

Siteground’s Prices

Unfortunately, Siteground is not very flexible on their pricing of plans. You pay the same monthly price no matter which time period of coverage you choose to purchase. While there is a starting discount on plans, those prices rise after the initial purchase period has ran out. StartUp will cost $9.95, GrowBig will cost $14.95, and GoGeek will cost $29.95 monthly.

The Siteground website will only accept credit cards, however you can pay with PayPal also if you get in contact with one of their customer service representatives.

You can purchase site scanning as an optional feature on all Siteground’s plans. This is provided by Sucuri, a well known provider of security services.

Siteground’s Customer Service

One’s of Siteground’s key strengths is its customer service, according to reviews. The website itself first attempts to direct you towards its knowledge base to answer your inquiry, but if you can’t find the answer there, you then get the option of talking to customer service. Siteground supports three channels for customer service: phone, chat, and email tickets. The website also tries to help you find which support medium is the best to use for your situation.

Depending on where you are located, you will be provided a phone number to contact for customer service if you choose the phone option. This phone number will connect you with a voice option menu, which takes about 40 seconds to navigate. After you navigate this to the right department, it typically only takes a minute or less to be connected with a live person. Customer service is reported to be very courteous and knowledgeable. It’s obvious from chatting with them that the customer service agents work off their own knowledge as well as research, which is quite reassuring.

With the email ticketing system, it typically only takes a few minutes for someone to respond to your inquiry, even though Siteground reports it can take up to 10 minutes for someone to respond.

Similarly, the chat system usually takes only a few minutes for someone to respond. A nice touch to chat is that when you are connected with someone, you see a picture of their face, name, number of clients served, and an overall review rating. Clicking on their picture will take you to a full profile about their interests, hobbies, how long they have been working for Siteground, and other facts that make interacting with them more natural and comfortable.

Siteground’s User Interface

Siteground’s user interface is very simple and easy to navigate. It utilizes a combination of Siteground’s customized dashboard and CPanel. All of Siteground’s free features are easily viewable and clickable from their custom dashboard. There also is a quickly viewable link to CPanel included in the dashboard. CPanel itself is pretty standard. There is a sidebar with information about your account such as disk usage, nameservers, and used email accounts.  


Siteground offers a high quality user experience thanks to its dedication and ambition to provide the best possible web hosting service to its customers. It combines an easy to use interface with high-quality performance to offer one of the best web hosting services that can be found. Siteground may not be cheap and may offer little disk space, but their pricing and disk space is justified by the awesome user experience they have to offer.

While there are a lot of features to appreciate about Siteground, its customer service is bar none. There are plenty of links and tutorials to help you learn anything you need to know about hosting your website, and if you need extra support, their customer service is there for you with low wait times, courteous attitudes, and a wealth of knowledge.

The pros about Siteground are that it…

  • Has multiple server locations
  • Includes an SSL certificate, malware protection, and DDoS protection in every plan
  • Utilizes SSD for faster website loading times and extra backup
  • Has fantastic customer support

The cons about Siteground are…

  • Their plans are not very flexible
  • They offer very limited disk space